PBP have develop serious of products that is helping people who organize small scale event on limited time notice. Party in a Box – is a party kit, that has a full collection of all party items and delivered to the door. PBP include themed decoration items to spirit up your party and give it guided start, so that we will make sure that the end is not guided anyhow.

Our specialist and designers have a careful consideration about experience that your guests will have and that is why they hand-select each and every item, to create your "Party in a Box" have every element is matching theme, style and party. Small things are all considered including tableware, and favors designed and crafted with all the party essentials, including themed decorations and having some elements for entertainment. That all will free your time of shopping for party supplies so you would be able to put focus where it is belong, all your attention on your guests. For special occasions we make tailor-made PBP and provide additional package add-ons services.